JAN.2016 – Jan.2017

Arbor's desktop enterprise app does not accommodate the users flexible working style, as teachers expect to be able to complete tasks wherever and whenever they need, at home and on the move. In November 2016, Arbor launched Teacher's app (beta) for the registered users on iOS app store. The purpose of the product is to save teachers precious time when they enter data on the move. 


Taking pupil attendance is one of the key actions on the MIS which users must take at least once a day. It is currently on desktop and the challenge is that the user must be able to complete the register with minimal effort. There are two types of users:

  1. "I am a subject teacher and I need to quickly take attendance for the lesson and know who's absent. I need to be able to quickly see any missing register for the day." 
  2. "I am a form tutor and I need to take morning and afternoon attendance for my form. I may also want to take student's meal choice during the morning roll call."

Through a series of interviews with our current desktop users, one recurring pain point which everyone seem to share is the ability to bulk mark student as 'late' or 'absent'. But sometimes form tutors prefer taking roll calls one by one while noting their meal choice. So the app must be able to easily switch between single and multi select. We optimised bulk marking as a key feature of the mobile app, which also applies to entering attainment and student behaviour. Based on this insight, I mapped out some of the key action user flows below. 

Mapping out user flow for taking attendance - this is an older version and does not represent the current product.


Bulk marking

As our beta app shows, user can simply tap on the student card to enter marks. When more than 1 student is selected, it automatically turn into bulk selection mode, where side panel slides out for quick data entry. Users can now mark 'late' and 'absent' student quickly with multi select, and quickly finish the register by 'mark rest as' present. The app is currently going through the first round of testing and iteration. 


UI Styleguide

Upon our first release, I created a styleguide specifying all the UI Elements and some of the generic UI components.