April 2018 (1 week)

Whilst at REVL, we tried to come up with ways we can utilise our events data in order to open up new partnership opportunities. Based on Google Analytics and AdWords performances, we know that dating-events is an area that resonate the most with our users. So we thought that there could be an opportunities to explore by creating a dating up based on dating events. In order to test out the assumptions quickly, I worked with the product & marketing team under a considerable deadline (1 week shipping) to build a dating app MVP. The brief was to come up with a brand identity, and then roll out the look and feel of the brand to the mobile app UI / visual design as fast as possible in order to put it in front of users for testing and validating our assumptions. The concept of the design is based on the idea of the coming together of two worlds based on something they share in common. The gradient treatment of the blending of two colours reflects that idea of coming together whilst share the common attribute of being on the same side of the colour spectrum. We picked the name kuku not only because of the connotation of being madly in love with someone (which is probably what a millennial would resonate with from a dating app), but also for the fact that the typographic form works really well with the Futura Typeface. In the space of a week, the team brainstormed, story-boarded, and mapped out user journeys of kuku. You can click on the prototype here to experience concept of matching people with real events going on. The MVP is currently being built in React Native. The beta app is expected to be released in the App Store at the end of April. 

kuku blueprint.png