Literature Festival Identity

Recently I got commissioned to produce a visual identity for the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2014. And here are some of the working progress I'd like to share with you.

The design challenge for this project was to create a visual identity that shows literature as well as Asian. So I have chosen two contrasting colours that are seen a lot in Asian paintings. I also made a collage of a lotus because it is iconically Asia. However, I didn't want to create a lotus that has been done so many times in Asian-related design, so I inserted a strong element of literature by floating the flower on  a pool of words.
Click here to take a closer look.

The director of the festival was very pleased with the outcome. She said, “I had the pleasure of working with YuTing on the 2013 Asia House Festival of Asian Literature.  She joined our team as the designer responsible for all of the Festival marketing and identity materials. YuTing was a delight to work with.  She was always pleasant, talented, responsive and innovative.  Her design for the Festival flyer, posters, banners and ads was outstanding.  I can honestly say her work was the most beautiful and effective we have had in the 7 years of the Festival, it earned many compliments and generated much attention for our programme.” – Adrienne Loftus Parkins, Director of Festival of Asian Literature